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See the history and who are the current Board of Directors for ITS Texas


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The purpose of ITS Texas is to promote and enhance public safety and community welfare by fostering research, development, and implementation of plans and programs to reduce motor vehicle deaths and injuries, improve mobility and to promote, encourage, and advance a system of safer, more economical, energy efficient and environmentally sound highway and other surface transportation through research, development, and implementation of advanced technology.


Ignite the stage at the
ITS Texas Annual Meeting 2023! 

With a spotlight on "Emerging and Transformative Technologies", we're calling on YOU to unleash your innovation. From ‘Planning for ITS Projects’ to 'Asset Management', and 'Performance Measurement of ITS Implementations' to 'Connected Automated Vehicles', we're looking for insights and innovation that push boundaries.


But don't let these categories box you in - if it's transformative and relevant to the ITS realm, we want to hear it! Submit your electrifying abstract of no more than 100 words, encapsulating your ground-breaking idea by September 8, 2023.


Dare to inspire! Join the ranks of those shaping the future at the ITS Texas Annual Meeting 2023. We can't wait to be astounded by your submissions!

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